Villa d'Eaux - Chambre d'hôtes à Villers-Sur-Mer
Villa d'Eaux, maison d'hôte à Villers-sur-Mer.
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Do you dream of a suspended moment, a unique experience in a surprising location? As soon as you arrive, we swap your car for a bicycle, television for a book, noise for silence, pollution for sea air and children for meditation !

Between Cabourg and Deauville, only two hours away from Paris, Villa d’Eaux nestles in a charming 19th century seaside resort called Villers-sur-Mer.

An exceptional site brimming with History, Villa D’Eaux took control of the ancient thermal baths of Viller-sur-Mer. This historical place, dating from 1903, has conserved its original facade, the gorgeous interior patio, the art deco treasures and Charles Catteau’s famous frescos.

Villa d’Eaux carries you away to a unique and intimate universe where the interior design balances the tones and antique furniture in perfect harmony with its atmosphere.

Between a jacuzzi, massages, a quiet reading session, the beach, horse rides or electrical bikes, you will still have time to breathe, dream, meditate or simply rest. Villa d’Eaux is a real invitation to slow-tourism.

Bed & Breakfast

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Wishing to escape an intense Parisian life, a stressful medical career, Valerie felt in love with Villa d’Eaux. She now wants to share with you her little piece of heaven, a place full of zen and peacfull atmosphere. Much more than a guest house, Villa d’Eaux is a real state of mind, where time is suspended.


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