Venue for the seminars

Atypical & near Deauville


Inspiring and confidential, the Villa d’Eaux located in the heart of Villers sur Mer is also ideal for your professional events: work meetings, residential seminars, executive committees, company parties, cocktail parties, product launches, conferences, vernissages…

Organise your professional events in an exceptional venue in Normandy, only 2 hours from Paris. For each of your events, we privatise the villa so that your teams can take advantage of all the spaces. You will appreciate the intimacy of the villa for your professional meetings.

An atypical seminar venue near Deauville, only 2 hours from Paris

Only 15 minutes from Deauville and Cabourg, the Villa d’Eaux offers 2 bright and atypical meeting rooms. The premises can accommodate up to 30 people.
For an unforgettable cocktail party, we can configure the premises to suit your needs and welcome you in the patio which can accommodate up to 70 people.

Tailor-made business events

Present a project, a product, write a story, create a concept, weld a team…

At the Villa, we offer you formulas adapted to your needs to make your professional meetings pleasant working moments in an atypical setting far from the nuisances of the city.

Would you like to liven up your meeting day in Deauville? Organise an unusual team-building event for your employees and share a unique experience. We have selected some incredible service providers to meet all your requirements!

Privatize the villa for your professional events

  • Art therapy

  • Sound therapy

  • Beach art

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Silk painting

  • Behavioural coaching

  • Shiatsu & Do In

  • Meditation

  • Massage

  • Mind mapping

Study day from 80€ HT / person
Patio rental for 1/2 day from 1200€ HT


Privatize Villa d’Eaux

Let’s build your event together!


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Villa d’Eaux, a confidential luxury guest house, welcomes you to the former Bains Douches of Villers sur Mer for an atypical stay in the heart of Normandy.

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